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Game Design
The spectral game was conceived by Jean-Claude Bradley (Drexel University) and Andrew Lang (Oral Roberts University). The 2D spectral game was conceived by Antony Williams. Created and maintained by Andrew Lang. Hosted on a server provided by Oral Roberts University.
Instructional Video
A video tutorial on how to play this game including how to zoom in on peaks in the spectra is provided by Jean-Claude Bradley.
Molecular Typography
The MOLECULAR Typography used on this site was designed and created by Mithila Shafiq. All rights reserved Mithila Shafiq 2008-2009. Used with permission.
Spectra Files
The spectra files used on this website are provided by ChemSpider - the chemistry search engine. Do you have spectra that can be released as Open Data? Upload them to ChemSpider and contact info@chemspider.com for assistance. Thanks to Antony Williams and the developers of ChemSpider who helped make this game possible and Robert Lancashire who made a modification to JSpecView just for us.
Structure Images
The molecular structure images are provided by ChemSpider.