namemp °CsourceSMILES
phenylacetic acid77.50Alfa Aesarc1ccc(cc1)CC(=O)O 
phenylacetic acid76.50PHYSPROPOC(=O)Cc1ccccc1 
phenylacetic_acid79.00Aldritch Chemical CompanyOC(=O)Cc1ccccc1 
Phenylessigsäure1150.00peer reviewed journal (sup. data)O=C(O)Cc1ccccc1 
phenylacetic acid77.50commercial databaseO=C(O)Cc1ccccc1  
phenylacetic acid76.70government databaseO=C(O)Cc1ccccc1  
phenylacetic acid77.00commercial databaseO=C(O)Cc1ccccc1  
phenylacetic acid76.00government databaseO=C(O)Cc1ccccc1  

The melting point of phenylacetic acid is 77.17 °C
Entries highlighted in red are not used in calculating the average value:
1. clearly out of range JCB

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