namemp °CsourceSMILES
4-methyldiphenylmethane5.00American Petroleum InstituteCc2ccc(Cc1ccccc1)cc2 
benzene, 1-methyl-4-(phenylmethyl)-1-30.00PHYSPROPCc2ccc(Cc1ccccc1)cc2 
4-benzyltoluene397.50peer reviewed journalc1c(cccc1)Cc2ccc(cc2)C  
4-benzyltoluene4-30.00government databasec1c(cccc1)Cc2ccc(cc2)C  
4-benzyltoluene4.58government databasec1c(cccc1)Cc2ccc(cc2)C  
4-benzyltoluene5.00open notebookc1c(cccc1)Cc2ccc(cc2)C  

The melting point of 4-benzyltoluene is 4.86 °C
Entries highlighted in red are not used in calculating the average value:
1. freezes at -15C after 16 days JCB
2. clearly a liquid at rt JCB
3. clearly a liquid at rt JCB
4. freezes at -15C after 16 days JCB

Predicted melting point °C.
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