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These results are from the Open Notebook Science Solubility Challenge as of December 22, 2014
A compilation of the results in book form can be obtained from Nature Precedings
theophyllineSolubility of theophylline in organic solvents.
Total Number of Results: 11
Total Number of Solvents: 7
CSID: 2068
 SolventAve. (M)HitsSDLink to Detailed Results
1.1,4-dioxane0.02910.000Solubility of theophylline in 1,4-dioxane is 0.029 M
2.1-octanol0.01030.000Solubility of theophylline in 1-octanol is 0.010 M
3.PEG4000.07010.000Solubility of theophylline in PEG400 is 0.070 M
4.PEG400/water(25:75)vol0.04910.000Solubility of theophylline in PEG400/water(25:75)vol is 0.049 M
5.PEG400/water(50:50)vol0.04910.000Solubility of theophylline in PEG400/water(50:50)vol is 0.049 M
6.PEG400/water(75:25)vol0.05510.000Solubility of theophylline in PEG400/water(75:25)vol is 0.055 M
7.water0.04830.011Solubility of theophylline in water is 0.048 M

Permalink: http://lxsrv7.oru.edu/~alang/onsc/solubility/allsolvents.php?solute=theophylline
predicted solubility in 80+ solvents | melting point of theophylline


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